Confessions of a reformed technophobe

When ‘they’ suggested I start a blog as part of  our outreach to adult learners I was terrified. I had no clue how blogs worked, or if I could break the internet by inadvertently doing it wrong. I admit it  – I’m a technophobe…well, not afraid really, just unfamiliar with a lot of the latest gizmos and doohickeys that my teenage nieces seem completely at ease with. Many works. Vector flat illustration

Don’t get me wrong, I love my smart phone, even though I’m becoming more and more sure it is smarter than I am, or at least the lady who talks to me when I ask it questions seems to  think  she is. Is it just me, or does her voice sound sarcastic and condescending (like the receptionist at a high end salon or boutique store who contemptuously asks if they can help in a tone that suggests I am beyond  – and beneath – any help they could offer)? I get intimidated by technology – or rather, I get intimidated by all the people who tell me how straightforward it is to use and seem to secretly know how to make all the technological magic happen. Continue reading “Confessions of a reformed technophobe”

Finding a room of one’s own…or adventures in office painting…

My.CampusI forgot how hard it can be to find somewhere to study or do other work…can anyone relate?

My office is being painted so I cannot work there today or tomorrow. Dan the painter is a nice guy, but he does not want me lurking around asking how it’s going every five minutes while I try to check e-mail among the tarps and paint fumes. So, lucky me, I get to work from home – in jeans. No office casual for me today. Great news, right?! Well, not so much.  Continue reading “Finding a room of one’s own…or adventures in office painting…”